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Popchips Barbecue - Grab Bags (24 x 23g)


Take a break from the backyard smoke and sizzle to enjoy a handful of our rich barbeque popchips. At first crunch, you'll taste our special combination of real tomato, onion, garlic and salty potato. And of course, it wouldn't be a barbeque without a wisp of smoke. Go ahead, grill master, savour the flavour, not the grease.

Popchips delicious air popped potato crisps - All the flavour but half the fat of fried crisps. Barbecue Flavour

No fake colors, no fake flavors.No flourescant orange fingertips,no wiping your greasy chip hands on your jeans, no really.

Brand: Popchips

Case size: 24 X 23g Bags

Store in a cool, dry place. No need for refrigeration.

More Information:
  • Case of 24 (24)