Acti Snack

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Putting the Spotlight on ACTI-SNACK with Simon Roberts


What is ACTI-SNACK about?

To create snacks that start with real active people and real food. Real food, nutritionally tailored and plant based so it naturally fuels and recovers your body to go further, faster. Our own active tribe of runners, cyclists, climbers and health fanatics are passionate about fuelling well to perform well.  We noticed how hard it was to find proper snacks that weren’t loaded with artificial sweeteners or pseudo health credentials. We talked to other athletes and they said the same.


So, we began the journey of creating the right type of fuel with the right type of snacks. Our range of trail mixes all pack a punch of protein, to build lean muscle mass. As well as magnesium, potassium and iron to fight muscle fatigue… so you get the right nutrients to push yourself further, faster.


Who's ACTI-SNACK likely to appeal to?

We make snacks for trailblazers – active people who wake early or stay late to work out. The ones that carve out their own path, who push their potential… and who are in constant pursuit to achieve their goals. We know you put everything in to get the most out, so we won’t stop until we bring you the best snacks out there.


Best feedback you've received?

"These snacks are amazing. Choc full of flavour, generous portions, genuinely healthy and packed with goodness. Ive tried the Salt & Vinegar which is a delicious (& addictive!!) low sugar snack. And the Salted Dark Chocolate Trail Mix which is just flippin gorgeous – a perfect mid afternoon snack. Cant wait to try all the others!" - Tvaris, P 12/12/20, 5*


Biggest challenge you overcame in creating/growing the brand?

Launching the brand just as the UK & Ireland went into lockdown meant was challenging as many listings got delayed and weren’t able to launch with as big a bang as we had planned. But with restrictions starting to ease again, we’re looking forwards to taking the market by storm!


What's next for ACTI-SNACK?

We’re always striving to stay ahead of the curve in the world of sports nutrition, so have combined our granola making skills with the ACTI-SNACK mission to bring out two exciting new Granolas, launching in July….watch this space!


One fun fact about the brand?

ACTI-SNACK is the first & only officially certified Keto snack in the UK! Gram for gram, ACTI-SNACK contains more protein than eggs!