Actiph Water

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Putting the Spotlight on ACTIPH Water with Megan Evans


What is ACTIPH Water about?

We are the first to bring alkaline ionised water to the UK, aimed at people aged 25-40 who are wanting to get more out of everyday life.


Best feedback you've received?

We met a guy at a trade show once who loved Actiph so much that he did a couple of days fasting on actiph only. We get a lot of Instagram DM’s daily telling us how much better they feel after drinking Actiph. People also say it really helps a hangover.


Biggest challenge you overcame in creating/growing the brand?

Alkaline water is such a new category over here in the UK so one of the biggest challenges is getting people to try it in the first place. When they do though they love it!


I started pretty much as soon as the business started trading and was out in London trying to sell a bottle here and there. To see it listed in some of the major retailers now when I’m out shopping is the best feeling. Seeing people I have on my social media buying and posting about Actiph is also very cool.


One fun fact about the brand?

Our founder is a 7-time Guinness World record Breaker who recently completed a World’s first and will be in a Discovery Channel documentary!


What's next?

What’s next for your business? (please expand rather than just saying NPD) We have just undertaken our first round of crowdfunding which has been so exciting. Our target was 500k and we finished well over 1M! Can’t wait for this to be spent on NPD and marketing to raise awareness of alkaline ionised water.