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Putting the Spotlight on Ambitions with Lizzy Agar


What is Ambitions about?

Our brand was built by four former international England rugby players who wanted tasty delicious snacks that could fit in around their athletic lifestyles. They came up with Ambitions Snacks. Our pasta snacks are made in just 5 minutes and are unrivalled on taste, their low calorie content and high protein content.


Who's Ambitions likely to appeal to?

We are aiming towards a fitness audience. With the low calories and high protein content in our product we think it is the perfect pre workout snack. I think it is the perfect workout companion!


Best feedback you've received?

We have had a lot of great feedback, however I think the best would have been from Levison Wood, who takes them on all his adventures!


Biggest challenge you overcame in creating/growing the brand?

Establishing who we wanted to target was difficult; we felt we could fit into so many categories it was difficult to establish which one we wanted to settle in. I think the healthy eating audience is a good one to stick with.


One fun fact about the brand?

We're founded by former international athletes which is why the products are consciously made to be healthier for the consumer - I think that is a pretty cool fact!