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Putting the Spotlight on Daily Cultures with Tony Revill-Johnson


What is Daily Cultures about?

Daily Cultures is the UK’s first ambient range of vegan probiotic food and drinks. We are all about Nourishing Your Inner Happy!


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Who's Daily Cultures likely to appeal to?

Our consumers are what we like to call 'Mindful Nourishers'. They value active nutrition in convenient on the go formats to make sure they eat healthily through their busy day.


Biggest challenge you've managed to overcome?

We are first movers in the UK, so it is all about creating awareness of probiotics outside of dairy. One customer at a time! And it was proud to seeing Daily Cultures on the shelf for the first time!


One fun fact about the brand?

Did you know that even though we pack our bars with billions of good bacteria, they are so small you could easily fit a billion on the head of a large pin!


What's next?

Our product strategy is focused on breakfast and on the go. We will be launching more snacking products soon and are in discussions with partners to expand globally


Daily Cultures

Daily Cultures