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Putting the Spotlight on Flawsome with Karina Sudenyte 


What is Flawsome about?

Just fruit and some bubbles. Pressed wonky fruit and sparkling water. Transform imperfect fruit into perfect juice. Flawsome sources wonky or surplus fruit and veg, supporting farmers by paying them fairer price for their product.


How did it all start?

Flawsome! was founded by passionate duo who were inspired by their nan’s tasty recipes to start saving imperfect fruit and transform it into perfectly crafted cold-pressed juice. A trip to a local farm opened the eyes of the founders to the food waste problem - specifically the devastaing effect that excessive aestheic standards have on the food we consume and understand to be normal.


We are on a mission to make other people as passionate about sustainable crafted drinks as we are!


Who is Flawsome aimed at?

Flawsome! Consumer is defined not by age but a common set of values and beliefs determining their way of life. Flawsome! targets LOHAS consumers. LOHAS are defined as those who value holistic health, the environment, conservation, global social justice, personal growth and sustainable living. LOHAS consumers wants to consider the brands they use as partners in making a difference and they often consider planetary health and personal health as equally important. As a result, they conserve, recycle and use environmentally-friendly products more than other consumers.


Nicest feedback you've received as a brand?

Customers have quoted "What a brilliant idea! All them wonky fruit SAVED! It even tells you on the bottle what fruit you have saved love this. Well done to this company on there product I will be buying more of these to test out the other flavours and seeing what else i can save"!


Biggest challenge you overcame in creating/growing the brand?

Developing products that require no compromise on quality. It took us 23 months of new product development.


What's next?

Our 3 year mission is to save 6 thousand tonnes of wonky and surplus fruit, donate 1 million drinks to chari+es around the UK, reimagine old basketball courts into art around the UK in partnership with Project in the Paint.