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Putting the Spotlight on Freestar with Felix von Hurter


What is Freestar about?

Tell us about your brand story – what makes you different? Freestar is a fresh take on beer. We’re the first ever beer to be made by blending natural ingredients, not brewing. The result won us the world beer award in 2019 and our process emits 90% less Co2 than the industry standard. We’re also the world’s first alcohol free beer to certify as a B Corp.


Who's Freestar likely to appeal to?

25-34 year olds / Millenial / City. We’ve built Freestar for the young people driving this trend in moderation.


Best feedback you've received?

"Received the beers! Thanks so much, I had one last night after getting in from a run. I was desperate for a beer but am trying to avoid drinking in the week so i cracked the Freestar. I loved it. I never really felt the desire to have a non alcoholic beer before but trying Freestar really opened my eyes to it. Its a mature drink but also crisp and refreshing". From a website customer called Rory who whatsapped us the above.


Biggest challenge you overcame in creating/growing the brand?

Making a beer without any yeast or alcohol in the process whatsoever. The first time anyone has ever done it.


One fun fact about the brand?

Our first run ended up in over 300 bottles exploding because of freezing temperatures in Glasgow where we used to make Freestar. Thankfully no one was injured!



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