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Putting the Spotlight on Lexi's with Alexei Khatiwada


What is Lexi's about?

We’re all about bringing JOY to low calorie snacking! Our healthier 99 calorie Crispy Treats taste delicious and offer PLENTY of sweet tooth satisfaction compared to most typical low calorie snacks. Guilt-free snacking at its best!

epicurium lexis


Who's Lexi's likely to appeal to?

The great thing about our Crispy Treats is that they appeal to a surprisingly wide audience – from calories conscious grown ups who fondly remember them from their childhood to younger customers discovering these ooey gooey Crispy Treats for the first time! We’ve found we are also REALLY popular with the gluten-free audience, as well as those with allergies (e.g. nuts and peanuts)


Proudest personal work moment?

Proudest personal work moment Receiving 300+ fantastic reviews from our amazing customers within a month of launching! 


Biggest challenge your overcame?

Besides going from idea to test product to branded wrapped product launch in 9 months, the biggest challenge was launching during Covid. I had to suddenly pivot to focus on launching online (instead of with high street retailers). Luckily it paid off, with customers absolutely loving the product and sales flying through the roof! I’m now keen to expand into larger retailers with a physical presence.


One fun fact about the brand?

Tell us one fun fact about your brand Lexi’s is short for Alexei’s. No one could ever spell Alexei’s correctly so I shortened it. Now for the rest of my life, everyone will think the brand is run by a woman and on Instagram people assume I must be ‘her’ husband!


What's next?

New flavours AND new formats within the Crispy Treat range and brand new low calorie snacks which FEEL like a treat!