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Putting the Spotlight on Manomasa with Joanna Murray


What is Manomasa about?

We had our light bulb moment sat at the bar of a bustling taqueria as we scooped ZESTY, FRESH salsa onto perfectly HOT, crunchy totopos. There and then, we decided that we would put our masa where our mouth was and bring the colour, flavour and excitement of global street food home. Our motto as we dream up each new batch is simple: anything is possible if you add a little SPIRIT.

epicurium manomasa


Who's Manomasa likely to appeal to?

Our customers love to explore new flavours, sharing their new finds with friends and family. We have a very loyal base, and love to engage with our customers to create recipes using our tortilla chips and share them.


Best feedback you've received?

We once had a poem written by a customer about his love of Manomasa tortilla chips. We also get a lot of feedback from customers about how unique our flavours, which makes us happy as we work hard to create flavour combinations, which customers find delicious.


Biggest challenge you've overcame as a brand?

Being a challenger brand, it is sometimes difficult to compete with more well-known brands to get into stores and customers to try our product. But we have tried to overcome this by getting as many people to sample the brand as possible as we see once customers try it, they are loyal to us.


What's next for Manomasa?

We are constantly looking at new innovative flavours, ingredient inclusions and shapes for our range. We have worked hard to develop a range that we are happy with but sometimes like to surprise with a little limited edition. Watch this space...