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Putting the Spotlight on MOMA with Katherine Lambert


What is MOMA about?

At MOMA we are oat obsessed and want everyone to be able to enjoy the health benefits and great taste of oats. Our story began when MOMA founder Tom was frustrated with the lack of healthy breakfast options available to people on the go, and set about creating a range of oat smoothies and bircher mueslis that he sold from a filing cabinet in Waterloo station. Now 15 years later, the brand has come a long way from these humble beginnings, and continues to move in new directions with oats still at the heart of it.moma porridge epicurium


Best feedback you've received?

We always wanted our products to provide people with healthy yet convenient options, and have recently had feedback from elderly people and those with elderly parents who have let us know that they love our just add hot water products as they help them to retain their independence when it comes to breakfast. We were so pleased to hear it!


Biggest challenge you've overcame as a brand?

The hardest thing was getting sites for our original stalls when we started. When evaluating potential sites Tom used to spend ages with a clicker counting the number of people walking by, and even got kicked out of one station by the police for loitering!


Tell us one fun fact?

MOMA HQ is based in a converted railway arch in South East London. It’s the same railway arch Tom first rented as kitchen space in the early days of MOMA when he and the team were making everything by hand.


What's next for MOMA?

We’ve recently launched a range of Oat Drinks and a brand new range of porridge flavours. We’ve got lots more oaty plans for the future so watch this space!