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Putting the Spotlight on Noisy Snacks with Noel Allen


What is Noisy Snacks about?

Snacks That Make Noise… Every pack of Noisy Snacks is a sensory adventure waiting to happen. It’s the chance to try something new, surprise yourself and — most of all — make some noise. 

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Who's Noisy Snacks likely to appeal to?

Noisy Snacks is a brand for everyone, with 5 crunchy flavours (including Peri Peri Mango Chickpeas and Pickled Onion Nuts) with options for every lifestyle under the sun (yes, including you vegans), shoppers dream snack is right here, waiting for you to discover it. Team Noisy encourage customers not to listen to the NOISE, but to go and make their own NOISE…


Best feedback you've received?

Being listed on The Grocer ‘s Top New Talent list in 2018 and winning a Great Taste Award


Biggest challenge you've overcome?

In the earlier days setting up from our dining room table we experienced challenge after challenge. But by putting our biggest investment to date into research and packaging development and launch just as the world went into lockdown will always be our biggest challenge. Most businesses were trying to do damage control and Team Noisy had to come out swinging.


One fun fact about the brand?

Noise is our secret ingredient because every time you shake a Noisy Snack, you activate the extra flavours at the bottom of the bag. (Most snack companies use 4% flavouring: we use 8%). Double the taste. Double the flavour. Double the fun. Nice one.


What's next?

We consider the experience of the snack from a sensory perspective. Without giving too much away. We are currently researching how far we can take the 5 senses in regards to offering a full sensory experience in snacks.


Noisy Snacks

Noisy Snacks