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Putting the Spotlight on Olly's Olives with Olly Hiscocks


What is Olly's about?

“Mum & Dad, I don’t want to be a doctor, I want to sell olives for a living!” That is what I said to my parents back in 2016 when I decided to turn down Medical School to start Olly’s Olives! The brand started with an idea to rejuvenate the olive category with bold flavours and our handy pouches. Once we saw the waves we created in the olive category, we wanted to take the Olly’s brand into other snacks – and that is where Olly’s Nuts and our brand new Pretzel Thins come in! Now we are fully focussed on being a leading global snack crew that has Health at the Heart, and Flavour to the Full in everything we do!


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Who's Olly's OIives and Pretzels likely to appeal to?

We have a huge range of customers that span across all ages. We see young kids demanding olives in their lunch boxes, we see cinema and theatre goers pick up our pretzel thins before the show and we see young professionals taking all 3 products into work with them to snack on the go with!


Proudest work moments?

I will never forget when Sam (Brother & CMO) & I flew over to Greece to see the first olive pouch run – seeing those beauties roll out for real was a very proud moment!


What's next for your business?

We have already been pushing hard on the NPD front, and we aren’t done just yet. Hate to be the person – but don’t want to reveal all just yet! But we have just taken on a chunk of investment and have our sights set on really driving our UK presence as well as abroad!


One fun fact about the brand?

Will, our new National Account Manager, sings Opera but hasn’t let us hear it yet