Performance Meals

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Putting the Spotlight on Performance with Mike Webb


What is Performance Meals about?

A genuine high protein meal product. With no hype, just fantastic nutrition, and make it convenient! Ingredients that give fantastic flavours naturally - so we dont need to add extra salt, sugar, or fat. No more meal prepping and cooking needed with these ambient meal pouches.


Who's Performance Meals likely to appeal to?

Our consumers are quite broad, however they are typically gym goers looking to build muscle and tone up.  Performance Meals are great for dieters too as they are also low in fat.


Best feedback you've received?

To have Performance Meals recognised by the Strength and Conditioning Coach at professional rugby league club Hull FC to use the products as part of the teams diet and to then go on and supply the team with meals.


Biggest challenge you overcame in creating/growing the brand?

We have a large amount of new we’re looking into. From introducing vegetarian products again, to different pack formats.  We’re always looking at new flavours to introduce each year.


One fun fact about the brand?

Supplying RAF pilot trainers and their trainees! Amazing see the meals of valuable use to these pilots who have a busy schedule learning in the air all day with very little time on the ground to eat!


Performance Meals

Performance Meals