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Putting the Spotlight on Pri's Pudding with Priyanka Savjani


What is Pri's Pudding about?

Pri's desire to find natural treats free from all naughty ingredients, led her to create a wholefood dessert range using a maximum of 5 ingredients, without compromising on taste. Her aim is to fill the gap in the market of transparent, guilt-free and nourishing treats.


Pri’s Puddings create a scrumptious snacking experience from only 5 wholefood ingredients, in a market where processed foods make up over 50% of consumer grocery baskets. Our treats have 50% less sugar compared to competition, where existing health food snacks are made up of 60% sugar, exceeding our RDA in just one serving! We use 100% Recyclable packaging which ties in with our mission on creating snacks which are better for your health, consumer transparency and the environment, and in turn helps retailers reach their targets on environmentally friendly packaging.


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Who's Pri's Puddings likely to appeal to?

The Pri’s Puddings consumer is anyone on the hunt for a scrumptious snacking experience, made with ingredients they recognise, low calorie and guilt free. Our Pocket Sized Pies are perfect for enjoying at any time of the day alongside a mid-morning coffee, as a work-from-home snack or post workout to keep you going out on your bike or in the gym. Our customers enjoy our treats on-the-go or heated up for a short while in the microwave/oven, with ice cream, or melted inside oatmeal bowls.


Proudest work moment?

Pri’s Puddings is a female founded business run by Pri herself. Within 4 weeks of launching, she secured deals with Planet Organic and 2 national wholesalers. Her range went on to be a top performing product in the impulse category, and took production from kitchen table to large scale manufacturing within 3 months of launching. Since then, Pri’s Puddings has seen growth of 200% MoM.


Biggest challenge you overcame in creating/growing the brand?

Growing a startup through COVID19 - it goes without saying. Luckily, as a startup, we were able to pivot quickly and adapt to the change in circumstances. The pandemic helped us to become stronger than ever as we built a more diversified and resilient busines model, grew through alternative channels, sought new opportunities and grew our customer base! We were able to adapt overnight and recover our lost sales within 3 months.


One fun fact about the brand?

We create all our products and recipes in-house, on the kitchen table, experimenting with wholefood ingredients to create our scrumptious clean label treats!


What's next?

To bring more clean label, plant based treats to you! We’ll be launching a new range of the most indulgent better for you snacks in December 2020


Pri's Puddings

Pri's Puddings