Pukka Tea

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Putting the Spotlight on Pukka with Will Franklin


What is Pukka about?

Co-founder Sebastian Pole has been fascinated with plants, conservation, and herbalism for many years, and when he saw Tim Westwell's advert offering help to start-up ethical businesses, he’d already decided that he wanted to work for himself championing the amazing power of herbs and bringing their magic into more people’s lives.


Having tried many herbal teas, and fed up with a mouthful of dusty flavourings, Sebastian’s big idea was to give people a delicious cup of herbal tea that symbolised everything he believed in. This wasn’t going to be just any cup of herbal tea, mind you – Sebastian wanted to create an incredible cup of herbal that supported people’s health, promoted conservation, and showed off the true brilliance of herbs.


Best feedback you've received?

There’s been so much positivity for Pukka since it was founded 18 years ago we’re struggling to find ‘the nicest’. A quick scroll online will demonstrate the support we have as a brand.


Who is Pukka aimed at?

Millennials & Well-being advocates - those who value mindfulness and self health promotion – productivity, efficiency and performance will all likely be enhanced with a Pukka tea


One fun fact about the brand?

In Hindi, pukka means ‘real, authentic or genuine’ – it embodied everything that founders Tim and Sebastian wanted their business to be; it also sounded positive and felt ripe, juicy, tasty and delicious to say.


What's next?

To continue our mission: to connect as many people as possible to the beauty and power of nature through new herbal creations. To share our knowledge and campaign for a healthier world.