Pulsitos Fava Beans

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Putting the Spotlight on Pulsitos with Sean Morrison


What is Pulsitos about?

Fava beans, also known as broad beans, are a springtime crop that is grown and eaten around the world. Using the finest beans, PULSÍTOS are expertly roasted to a deep golden brown and seasoned with mouth-watering Mediterranean flavours. Served in fully recyclable and completely compostable packaging, there's no better moment for brands like Pulsitos to make great tasting grab and go snacks with 0% waste, 100% of the time. Seasoned with flavours typical of Barcelona to create a crunchy moreish, guilt-free snack suitable for vegans. A must for any savoury snack fan!


How did it all start?

My wife, Laura, and I discovered broad bean snacks when we spent some time in Barcelona. Of course, we threw ourselves into the Mediterranean diet and ate (and drank!) everything we could get our hands on...after a very very short period of time, one of us would always had a packet of fried broad beans in our pocket. Just in case hunger struck…in a city where you’re never further than 5 meters from incredible tapas…but you know what I mean!


We ate so many, we thought, rather than turning into one, it might be worth trying to make our own healthier version. So, after a lot of trial and error we finally hit jackpot. We figured out a recipe to roast instead of fry the beans, creating a much healthier, far less oily and crunchy snack. 



Who will buy PULSITOS?

We aim to attract healthy foodies who like to fuel their body with nutritious & wholesome foods. We’re not trying to make people feel guilty about buying other snacks that aren’t plastic free, we just want to be an option for those who want to start the journey to reducing the amount of plastic they buy, use one time, then throw away.


From Young Professionals who don’t really have the time to eat healthy but know they should, to working parents who wish for their children to have access to healthy snacks on the inside and healthy packs on the outside – using it as a valuable education piece to teach about the environment – all the way through to Gen Z consumers who are forensic in understanding where their food comes from and are big supporters of businesses that do good and seek to make a difference.


Proudest work moment?

By far the proudest moment was receiving the fist samples of our packaging through the mail. The dream had always been to set up a business with something physical and receiving these through the post – the culmination of numerous meetings with designers, drafts, discussions about colours and pantones…checking, checking and re-checking for mistakes – was nothing short of quite emotional.


Biggest challenge you overcame in creating/growing the brand?

Going plastic free has been a series of small challenges that could add up to being a big, insurmountable one, but I think the key is to not put things off and tackle them as they come in. That way it means you can have a better handle on how things are progressing, and it means you can avoid letting them grow to being out of control – which is never a good thing.


What's next?

Lots of people associate pulses with hummus, baked beans or peas but we want to show that pulses don’t have to be part of a meal they can be a delicious, filling and guilt free snack at any time. We’re in the kitchen cooking up some new snack ideas which we’ll be looking to launch in 2021.


We’re also busy working on better understanding how we can reduce waste in our supply chain as well as ways that we can create a closed circle loop to recycle and reuse our packaging – our dream would be to get our composted packaging back to our farms to help grow our next harvest of beans…watch this space!