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Putting the Spotlight on Sleep Well with Sam Watts


What is Sleep Well about?

We know that more than half of Britons are kept awake at night through stress or worry. That figure will no doubt have increased with the pandemic. There are so many of us craving a great night’s sleep but wanting to avoid taking medication. That’s where the idea for Sleep Well came from. We wanted to create a great tasting natural alternative to pills and medication. Something that our whole family could enjoy as part of a healthy bedtime routine.


Coming from the beautiful Island of Jersey, we’re also spoilt with arguably the best tasting and nutritious milk in the world. So naturally, Sleep Well is made with whole Jersey milk which is creamy, delicious, and contains 20% more protein and calcium than milk from other breeds.

What type of consumer will Sleep Well appeal to?

Sleep Well is for anyone looking for a better night’s sleep who wants to avoid taking medication. Our delicious milk is the natural food alternative to taking a pill and is suitable for all ages over 12 months.


It’s perfect for everyone: from families to students, shift workers to stressed out executives. It’s also great for nervous travellers and long haul jet-setters though we appreciate there aren’t many of those at the moment!


Proudest personal work moment?

Taking our first online order was exciting. And then seeing Sleep Well in store for the first time was a pretty epic moment! We still get a buzz when we see a customer taking one off the shelf and putting it in their basket. Winning a place on Inno Accel, a leading Accelerator Programme with Agropur (Canada’s largest dairy) in 2019 was incredible. Over three months and involving six trips to Montreal, the intensive training, planning and development had a huge positive impact on our young company.


Biggest challenge you've overcame as a brand?

Sleep Well is a totally new food concept that people aren’t actively looking for it in store. So, building brand awareness quickly and educating consumers that they can buy a natural and tasty food product to help them sleep has been our priority. We aren’t selling milk, we’re selling sleep but sadly there isn’t a sleep aisle in store. Yet!


Tell us one fun fact?

The idea came about at 30,000 feet on a flight from LA to London. Sam, one of the Sleep Well co-founders is a fearful flyer and bought a bottle of something at the airport that claimed to help you sleep but contained all sorts of synthetic ingredients. This prompted a conversation with Allan, her husband and co-founder. Could they create a drink that was full of goodness, natural and tasty, that could help you relax and sleep? A year later they did!


Sleep Well

Sleep Well