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Putting the Spotlight on Snackzilla with Marieke Syed


What is Snackzilla about?

As a mum I know how hard it is to juggle the pester power from our kids with the need for convenience and the guilt of wondering if we are giving them the right things to eat. With SNACKZILLA we aim to make snacking a little bit easier, giving kids a healthier version of something they love.  Our oat cookies are based on my Great Grandmother recipe and contain 40% less sugar than most sweet biscuits. Packed full of fibre, with no palm oil or artificial sweeteners they meet the governments healthy food guidelines and are school compliant so perfect for lunchboxes and after- school.


epicurium snackzilla

Who's Snackzilla likely to appeal to?

Our cookies are perfect for primary school aged kids, but are loved by little ones and adults alike.


Best feedback you've received?

From a real customer... "I buy these regularly now. As a parent with an ASD kid who only eats a very (very!) limited range of food, (so constant snacking) I am over the moon when he tries anything new. These are a godsend in terms of replacing the low nutrition, high sugar/salt snacks I’d usually have no option but to give (giving him a much needed, more sustained energy boost) These Snackzilla cookies are an everyday lunch box treat that I’m thrilled he’s having. Win win".


Proudest work moment?

Being shortlisted for the children’s product of the year at the World Food Innovation Awards 2020.


Biggest challenge you overcame in creating/growing the brand?

It took 2 years to develop the product to be High Fat Sugar Salt (HFSS)/CQUIN approved, it was a very painful development process but proud that we eventually managed to get there.


One fun fact about the brand?

My kids came up with the name Snackzilla!