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Putting the Spotlight on Sweets in the City with Sarah Lynn


What is Sweets in the City about?

Sweets in the City hit the headlines in 2017 when I (thankfully!) became winner of the BBC Competition Show ‘The Apprentice’ and announced news of an exciting confectionery adventure with Lord Sugar.


With the growing premiumisation of confectionery, the investment prize allowed my small team to innovate and create a beautiful set of four ‘dual’ flavour combinations - Pineapple & Coconut, Mango & Passionfruit, Apple & Watermelon and Strawberry & Lemonade. The sweets are cleverly and unusually made with a gelatine-free pectin fruit centre, satisfying many people’s dietary requirements being gluten free, vegan, using real fruit juice and natural colours and flavours.


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Who's Sweets in the City likely to appeal to?

Our product attracts taste led consumers who enjoy confectionery in moderation - and when they indulge in sugar want it to be worth it.


I really believe that the taste and texture of the jellies elevate and expand the current vegan sweet offer available on the market, taking away the compromise on taste accepted by vegan recipe competitors. Our range is available in 125g Share Bags, in neat black shelf ready packaging.


Best feedback you've received?

We get so many lovely comments about the range, but truly one of the nicest things about the feedback we have received to date is that I have never had anyone on a single tasting we have done try them and say they dislike them – I think that is pretty incredible…although granted to be trying them in the first place you are already coming from a place of confectionery desire!


Biggest challenge you overcame in creating/growing the brand?

Investment issues trying to develop the new range and keep the existing business moving – we overcame it with a dedicated and passionate multi-tasking team.


What's next for Sweets in the City?

Our complete focus this year is building awareness of our Duals range – both in the UK and overseas. We haven’t yet touched the sides of global sweet domination!


One fun fact about the brand?

I guess it would have to be that we have a very well-known business partner with a surname that matches our business focus – yes Lord Alan Sugar himself!


Sweets in the City

Sweets in the City