The Savourists

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Putting the Spotlight on The Savourists with Harry Turpin


What is The Savourists about?

The Savourists is one of the first EVER savoury snack bars. In a world full of sugar rushes and sweet quick fixes, we’re standing up for slow, rich, savoury flavour. Savoury is bold, mouth-watering, layered, deep and oozing with umami. What we want is delicious, fragrant, spicy, tangy, tasty food that we can savour and enjoy.


The first two flavours are Black Olive and Nori Seaweed, Sundried Tomato and Herb. The bars are made with real food with real complex flavours, taking your taste buds on a journey. Packed with ancient grains such as puffed quinoa, puffed amaranth and sunflower seeds, full of fibre and plant based protein. Couple this with tangy sundried tomato, and rich, salty black olives and nori seaweed - sweet is no match for savoury!


the savourists epicurium

Who's The Savourists likely to appeal to?

The snack bar aisle is littered with sweet, sugary flavours; raspberry and white chocolate, cocoa and ginger, salted caramel, date based…delicious, but we have seen it all before. I wanted to innovate, create and push the boundaries and wanted to give people a snack bar that ISN'T a sugary snack bar that masqueraded as a ‘protein snack’.


Those shoppers who like to experiment and try new things. The Savourists is about forging your own path so I want to continue to do this.


Best feedback you've received?

“Absolutely blown away. We were looking for a healthier snack to get us through the lock down munchies, and this has changed the game. So impressed with the flavour combinations, and the texture makes it feel like a really hearty snack that keeps you full. Just reading through the other benefits, vegan, high protein and fibre etc. I don’t know how these wizards have done it but it’s a game changer in our house".


Biggest challenge you overcame in creating/growing the brand?

Securing a good manufacturer was by far our biggest challenge so far. For starters getting them to take the call is difficult enough. We went through 4 different manufacturers before we settled with our current one. Product was never quite right; shelf life was tricky.


We have created something genuinely innovative and hasn’t come from a menu of products the manufacturers offered so it was always going to be tricky but wow 2.5 years later we finally got to where we wanted to be.


One fun fact about the brand?

Harry used to play drums in a band called The Lucky Anderson’s. They weren’t so lucky but lets hope The Savourists are.