UpBeat Protein Water

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Putting the Spotlight on UpBeat with Mark Neville


What is UpBeat about?

Tasty natural protein drinks with  real fruit and real benefits. Zero sugar, real fruit and 12g of quality protein.With a unique whey and fruit formulation, Upbeat drinks are built for strength, energy and mental performance. Drink positive & stay upbeat!


Who'll likely buy UpBeat? 

It has great uptake with the gym goers and fitness groups, who already get the benefits of protein, and the launch of the sparkling version has opened up a wider base of health conscious.


Best bit of feedback you've received?

We went to a fitness show in 2019. There had never been anything like this before. You never know until you are in front of people how it will go. Every word was a compliment across 100k visitors. Awesome.


Proudest work moment as a brand?

Everytime we go on the road. Getting out there whether an exhibition, sampling or store visits – these are the things that make it real.


What's next?

Functional health is a hot topic right now. We are enjoying some good expansion in UK as well as international. Building on the protein and energy platform we have immunity and strength skus on the way as well as a ready to mix version.


One fun fact about UpBeat?

It was nearly called Uber. Before Uber. Imagine that. A world before Uber.