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Putting the Spotlight on YES! with Lizzie Hendon


What is YES! about?

We launched YES! Snacks in September 2018 with a range of fruit and nut snacking bars made from delicious and wholesome ingredients. Over the past two years, we have made a number of brand and product developments to get YES! snacks to where we are today: Wholesome snack bars that are Tasty by Nature!


Every YES! bars is wrapped in recyclable paper, is gluten free, vegetarian and a source of protein – nuts are always the number one ingredient with a smooth layer of dark chocolate, certified by the Rainforest Alliance. Most recently we have lanched YES! Plant Protein bars, containing 10g of plant-based protein. These bars are different to other bars in the market as the protein is derived from peas and nuts, rather than soy and whey which come with allergen and environmental concerns which consumers are very wary about.

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Who's YES! likely to appeal to?

A wide appealing brand - Males and females, likely ABC1 audience, 25-44 year old and foodies that are looking for more wholesome snacks


Best feedback you've received?

"I don’t understand how you make these taste so good and healthy at the same time! I haven’t found any other products that nail both the taste and the nutritional benefits"


Biggest challenge you overcame in creating/growing the brand?

Launching a brand new healthy snacking bar into a congested market with a lack of category definition as to what ‘healthy’ is.


What's next for YES!?

At YES! snacks we are continuously developing the recipes of our bars to make them more delicious and improving the nutritional credentials. Our marketing activity will continue to focus on broadening the awareness of YES! amongst consumers and the trade through social and digital media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube. In 2021, we will also run a targeted sampling campaign to get as many bars as possible into the hands of the health and wellness foodie audiences; because we know that consumers fall in love with YES! as soon as they’ve tried it.


One fun fact about the brand?

YES! snacks were the first snack bar range to be wrapped in recyclable paper packaging!