Centre-filled, DOUGHNUT inspired protein bars

provide a quality source of protein, ideal for any time of the day

  • Premium Quality
  • Unique Products and Flavours
  • Strong Partner Profitability
  • Industry-Leading Manufacturing Standards
The PRODOUGH bar is a revolutionary creation from CNP, designed to elevate the snacking experience for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. Unlike traditional protein bars, the PRODOUGH bar takes inspiration from the beloved doughnut, offering a center-filled, indulgent treat packed with premium protein.
Accessible Premium Sports Nutrition
Ideal for all day fuelling
Indulgent Guilt Free Flavours
Accessible Price Point
Great for Workout Fuel Better for You  Guilt Free Indulgence

Key reasons to stock Prodough...

  • Superior Taste and Quality: CNP's PRODOUGH bars deliver an unparalleled taste experience, crafted in a cutting-edge facility for unbeatable flavour and texture.
  • Performance-Driven Nutrition: Each DOUGHNUT-inspired protein bar provides premium protein, ideal for any time of day to support daily protein goals and enhance performance.
  • Affordable Excellence: Despite their premium quality, Prodough bars maintain an accessible price point, making top-tier nutrition accessible to all athletes without compromise.

Crafted in a state-of-the-art facility with meticulous attention to detail, each PRODOUGH bar delivers an unmatched taste sensation, with a soft, chewy texture and decadent flavors that rival your favorite doughnut shop. Whether you crave the sweetness of chocolate, the tanginess of berries, or the richness of caramel, there's a PRODOUGH flavor to satisfy every palate.

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