Family Founded, Healthier Jams.

40% less sugar, high fruit content, and natural ingredients.

  • Growing Market for Premium Preserves
  • Strong Brand Story/ Values
  • Health/Environmentally-Conscious Product Line
  • Caters to consumers who are seeking natural, clean-label foods.
Fearne & Rosie offers healthier jams with 40% less sugar, high fruit content, and natural ingredients, providing a premium, HFSS-compliant, and vegan-friendly option for consumers.
HFSS Compliant
40% Less Sugar Than Regular Jam
Vegan Friendly
B-Corp Brand
Great for Gifting Premium, Healthier Swap Great Sustainability Credentials

Key reasons to stock Fearne & Rosie Jam...

  • Community and School Engagement: involvement in educational initiatives and partnerships with schools and charitable organisations appeals to consumers who value community-oriented brands.
  • B-Corp Certification: As a certified B-Corp, Fearne & Rosie is committed to balancing profit and purpose, appealing to consumers and businesses looking to support ethical brands.
  • Health-Conscious Product Line: Fearne & Rosie jams cater to the growing consumer demand for healthier food options, offering products with 40% less sugar and high fruit content.

Fearne & Rosie is dedicated to changing the jam market for the better by offering healthier alternatives that meet the growing demand for nutritious and ethical food products. With 40% less sugar than standard jams, their products boast around 70% fruit content and are made with only natural ingredients. Proudly produced in the UK, these jams are HFSS-compliant, vegan-friendly, and palm oil-free. Fearne & Rosie also commits to sustainability and education, providing valuable resources to schools and families. As a certified B-Corp, the company prioritises both profit and purpose, consistently donating at least 2% of revenue to charitable causes.

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