Minor Figures is a free-spirited, inclusive brand that's serious about being carbon neutral, plant-based, and barista standard, driven by a love for speciality coffee and creative culture.

  • Carbon Neutral
  • Plant-Based
  • Barista Standard
  • B-Corp Certified

Minor Figures is not just a coffee brand; it's a vibrant community of free-spirited individuals who share a love for specialty coffee and creative culture. Their diverse team, including painters, jazz musicians, basketball players, and barbers, everything they do is driven by three core principles: being Carbon Neutral, Plant Based, and Barista standard.

Committed to doing business right, Minor Figures offsets all climate emissions, making their products carbon-neutral certified. Their packaging is fully recyclable, and they continuously innovate to reduce their environmental impact. Additionally, they prioritise ethical sourcing and collaborate with Raw Materials, a social enterprise, for their coffee supply.

Reasons to stock Minor Figures...

  • Carbon Neutrality: Minor Figures is committed to offsetting all climate emissions, making their products carbon-neutral certified, aligning with the growing demand for eco-conscious products.
  • Plant-Based Excellence: With a range of plant-based offerings, including their renowned Oat M*lk, Minor Figures caters to the increasing consumer interest in dairy alternatives.
  • Ethical Sourcing: The brand's dedication to ethical sourcing through its partnership with Raw Materials aligns with the values of socially conscious consumers.
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