Soda Folk is a brand that stands for authentic and nostalgic soda experiences. With a commitment to crafting high-quality beverages, their products capture the essence of classic American sodas while offering a contemporary twist.

  • Cans feature real life community heroes
  • Nostalgic appeal through classic Americana Inspired Flavours
  • Free from artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners
  • Promote Good deeds to make the world a better place

What sets Soda Folk apart is their fusion of a quirky, nostalgic, Americana-influenced culture with an unwavering focus on creating amazing, US-inspired flavors. Each sip of their Good Sodas not only rewards the palate but also supports their vision of promoting Good Deeds to make the world a better place. Notably, Soda Folk goes beyond just crafting exceptional beverages. Their cans feature real-life community heroes on the front, highlighting their commitment to giving back to local communities. This added touch of storytelling and community support further distinguishes Soda Folk as a brand that is not only passionate about creating outstanding sodas but also dedicated to making a positive impact.

The brand's unwavering commitment to using natural ingredients, free from artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners, makes them a preferred choice for health-conscious individuals. This dedication to authenticity, combined with a strong emphasis on transparency and sustainability, positions their products as an exceptional choice for those seeking a refreshing and genuine soda experience.

Reasons to stock Soda Folk...

  • Premium, Natural Ingredients: Soda Folk uses only premium, natural ingredients in their beverages, ensuring a high-quality and authentic taste experience.
  • Distinctive Resfreshing Fun Flavour Profiles: Soda Folk offers a range of distinct and unique flavor profiles that set them apart from traditional sodas.
  • Transparency and Sustainability: Using recyclable packaging materials and supporting initiatives that reduce environmental impact

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