Luxurious and indulgent Muffins

Ambient and individually wrapped for great shelf-life

  • Luxurious Indulgence
  • Long Shelf Life & Premium Quality
  • Vegetarian Friendly & NO VAT
  • Wide Consumer Appeal
Sugar ‘n’ Spice offers luxurious and indulgent bakery treats, individually wrapped for freshness and crafted with premium ingredients, making every bite a delightful experience.
Min 3 month Shelf-Life
Individually Wrapped
Made with real fruit
Family Owned Bakery
Great With a Coffee On the Go Indulgence  Great for a Little Treat

Key reasons to stock Sugar 'N' Spice...

  • Luxurious Indulgence: With eye-catching appeal and premium taste, Sugar ‘n’ Spice treats are the perfect choice for customers seeking a little indulgence in their day.
  • Long Shelf Life & Premium Quality: Individually wrapped bakery treats offer extended shelf life and superior taste, allowing customers to enjoy them on the go or save for later.
  • Vegetarian Friendly & NO VAT: Suitable for vegetarians and with no VAT applied, Sugar 'N' Spice products appeal to a wide range of consumers seeking delicious bakery treats without compromise.

Sugar ‘n’ Spice, believe in crafting luxurious bakery treats that enhance any moment. Each indulgent muffin is meticulously baked in Leicester, UK, with a commitment to premium taste and appearance. Individually wrapped and ambient, Sugar 'N' Spice's treats boast an extended shelf life without compromising their freshness or flavour. Whether your customers are on the go or enjoying a leisurely break, their range offers everyone a moment of pure indulgence.

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