Healthy Fruit Bars

Snacks that contain real plant-based ingredients

  • Only Two Ingredients
  • 100% Real Fruit
  • No Added Sugars
  • Founded in 2016
America's fastest growing health snack bar. Discover the blissful world of That's it., where healthy snacking is made simple and delightful. Their plant-based super snacks are crafted from all-natural, non-GMO fruits, free from the top 14 allergens, and bursting with goodness.
Certified Paleo Diet Friendly
Free From 14 Allergens
Kosher Approved
Pure Ingredients - No Syrups
Great for Lunchboxes Better for You Great for a Mood Boost

Key reasons to stock That's It...

  • Keeping it Simple for Shoppers: Eating healthy should never be complicated. That’s it. is dedicated to making delicious, convenient, plant-based super snacks from pure, simple ingredients,
  • Nothing Added or Taken Away: 100% Real fruit, That’s it. No need to add any preservatives, colours, or added sugars through purees, concentrates, and juices
  • Inclusive Snacking: All That’s it. snacks are non-GMO, vegan, preservative-free and allergen-free - making them wide appealing from the office to the school lunchbox

With just two pure ingredients, no added sugar, and no preservatives, their snacks are perfect for those seeking a convenient, stress-free, and wholesome snacking experience. Choosing delicious, allergen-free snacks that you can trust is easy with That’s it. These bars are made with 2 simple ingredients and are free from Top 14 Allergens.

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