Brave Roasted Snacks

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Putting the Spotlight on Brave Water with Will Cabedo


What is Brave about?

Great Taste Award-Winning Roasted Peas and Chickpeas that are high in protein & fibre, vegan and super sustainable. Packed with more protein than cashews and fewer calories than popcorn, they are bursting with natural energy and make for the perfect on-the-go snack.


Who is the brand aimed at?

We’re a contemporary brand on a mission to champion healthy, locally grown and sustainable food, which is why we work with pulses. This resonates with a lot of people, particularly those who are looking to make a conscious effort to better their decisions when it comes to healthy eating, their lifestyle and sustainability. We have taken all of this into account when creating our formats, flavours, and ingredients.


Biggest challenge you overcame?

One of the hardest parts of creating BRAVE was finding a local supplier of peas that we could work with in order to be as sustainable as possible with our supply chain. It was fairly easy to find suppliers from China or Europe, but we really wanted everything to be grown, roasted and packed within the UK. It took about a year of searching and we almost gave up a few times, but we’re glad we stuck with it.


Proudest moment with Brave?

The proudest moment for us was seeing our packs on the shelves of stores for the first time! It was a long development process prior to that as instead of going to agency to create a brand for us, we did much of the work ourselves – from our name, brand values, website, and had a big part of the design as well. So when finally we launched it was a very proud moment for us!


One fun fact about the team?

We are a team of 5 made up of 5 different nationalities!


What's next?

The remainder of the year looks positive for BRAVE, not only do we have new products and new formats on the horizon but we also looking to expand and grow the team to have more feet on the ground.


Export is also looking very exciting for us, particularly Europe so we’ll continue to explore this opportunity and grow BRAVE to become even more of an international brand! We are also plan to partner with likeminded brands as a way of expanding our sampling potential and building awareness around healthy and sustainable lifestyles.