What Healthier Living Means to Businesses

A Background to Healthier Snacking



A Lowdown on What You Need to Know



The UK food and drink industry has seen a wave of innovation in the last few years, with the snacking sector being no exception. When it comes to UK eating habits, 'healthy eating' has been a key focus, bringing a plethora of new and innovative products to the snacking scene. 66% of snackers eat between meals at least once a day, demonstrating how ingrained snacks are in Brit's diets. Time poor modern lifestyles are one core factor fuelling our reliance on snacks.


Millennials are now coming of age and hold a very large part of the UK’s spending power. They don’t mind spending that little bit extra in store to get a product which they know is good/better for them. Many would also be willing to walk out of a store if they couldn’t find the healthy and on trend snacks which they want, rather than opting for a traditional crisp or chocolate bar. This means for many retailers who don’t have something new in store, they’re missing out on incremental sales. People are much more interested in what they put inside their bodies. Consumers in general are focused on responsibility of self, society and the planet.


Shoppers are willing to spend that bit extra it means they’re consuming better for you replacements which make them feel good. Over the past few years we have seen the healthier snacking category move from a category that only a few upmarket retailers gave any real shelf space to a must have category that every retailer needs create space for in their stores. We’re often told that selecting nutritious and wholesome snacks can help improve our wellbeing – but could healthier snacking options be beneficial to your profit margins too. The UK has a reputation as the largest snacking nation in Europe and, at an estimated worth of £18 billion pounds, businesses are clamouring to both satisfy the nation’s taste buds and grab a sizeable share of the healthy snack market.


What Makes a Snack On-Trend?


It’s not all about taste. Of course snacks have to taste great, but all of the senses are engaged when snacking. We eat with our eyes as well as our mouths. Eye-catching colours, engaging textures and creative packaging all contribute to a snack’s successs. In this 'Instagrammable' shareable era, it’s the most colourful, most engaging and dynamic snack that grabs our attention. Every snack should tell a story. We want to know the story behind our snacks. It’s not just eating snacks with identifiable ingredients and recognisable origins, it’s also snacks that have authenticity or a unique history. We know that consumers love nostalgia when choosing a snack, but there’s also room for 'newstalgia' and creative options that Millennials and Gen-Z will share with their peers.


Balance is the key word for successful new snacks. Consumers want to indulge, but also want healthy options. More than ever, snacking is about balancing the ‘good’ with the ‘bad.’ Looking for healthier and indulgence in the same snack is key with snackers choosing wholegrains, vegan, or paleo snacks to satisfy snack urges while supporting good intentions. The perception of the snack market is that everything is a snack these days. In our frenetic, on-the-go society, snacks can be meal solutions, balls, bites, or just about anything else in between. And it’s not just standing out in a growing array of snack options; it’s also standing out on store shelves by offering a creative solution that ticks one (or all) of the core snack trends


What Healthier Snacking Means for Your Business


There’s a very different game in town these days. Consumers are no longer happy simply sticking with the same tried and tested brands, it’s all about differentiation. Consumers are looking for a ‘wow’ moment, a chance to discover something different and be the first on social media with a new snack – the opportunity to influence, not just follow. Consumers' pursuit for health and wellness is impacting all aspects of life, never more than through food and drink. There's no denying it's reshaping the world of snacking; vegan snacks have hit the big time, protein snacks are in the mainstream and natural energy drinks are in everyone's fridges - a few years ago these would have all been considered niche! Healthier snacking has a sky-high penetration, but retailers need to make space for healthier options and adventurous flavours to stay on trend.




For the Convenience Store... with competition increasing, it’s time to think about how you can match up to against your local competition – including the major multiples and high street coffee chains. It's no surprise you'll see on-trend snack bars such as KIND and Grenade up sold alongside branded coffee machines, and alternative crisps becoming a mainstay in lunchtime meal deals. Busy lifestyles and less structured eating patterns mean all day offerings are also playing a big part. Meal times and meal formats have blurred, whilst the Big Night In has resulted in a surge of premium impulse and sharing snacking opportunities.


The fast-paced world of snacking means it is essential to stay relevant in the market, ensuring your range is fresh, fast and healthy, as well as tasty, good value and convenient. Those retailers can meet the challenger by offering an in store experience and diversity of products and services the big boys couldn’t hope to keep up with. Challenger brands are quick to respond to and shape consumer trends and are the immediate source of providing that differentiated offering.


For the Workplace... When it comes to eating in the workplace, organisation-provided food options are somewhat of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, they bring people together, build relationships, and position organisations as a great place to work. On the other hand, unhealthy food items can take away from employee well-being, increasing medical costs and negatively impacting workforce productivity. Today’s workers are a savvy bunch who understand the importance of healthier snacking has on concerntration, motivation and overall sense of wellbeing. It's time to improve the way you cater for your employees and colleagues.


Office workers want cool and better-for-you snacks. In the age of social media, when employees believe a snack has the kudos to be 'instagram-worthy' it'll soon spread around the office that it's the next big thing to try. 


With a growing culture aimed at encouraging and promoting healthier lifestyle choices, wellness in the workplace is fast working its way from buzz topic to required norm for prospective employees. The UK has long had a reputation for spending the longest hours at work, sitting down at a computer for hours and often reaching for unhealthy quick snacks between tasks rather than having time for a fully fledged and nutritionally balanced meal. While in some organisations, healthy snacking is positioned as a major employee perk, the trend on an average is largely disappointing. Time to step things up in the workplace. 


For the Coffee Shop... Visit any café across the UK, from a counter in a leisure centre to the hipster coffee shop and they will all have one thing in common – there will never be only drinks on sale. Whether it’s tea and biscuits or coffee and cake, having a snack with a hot drink is something of an unwritten rule and, with the UK consuming over 70 million cups of coffee every day, there is huge potential to up-sell a delicious range of treats. Of course, a large proportion of the UK’s café sales come via a takeaway cup – whether it’s the first drink on the morning commute, or a cheeky grab and go in-between rushing to meeting. This means your snacking selection too, has to be suitable for people on the move. 


When it comes to snacks, it can be easy to fall back on familiar favourites, with little to no time to contemplate or research a wider range of ‘free-from’ or nutritional food choices for their customers to enjoy. By providing a wider selection of healthy food snacks alongside their drink choices - snacks made from premium, honest ingredients and delivering indulgent taste to suit a more nutritionally-savvy audience - café owners can put themselves in a great position to expand their audiences and boost sales figures.



If you relate to what we've described above or you'd simply to introduce new flavours, formats and ranges, then speak with our team today to help you raise your snacking game!