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Join UsWe're a fast-growing distributor of some of the most exciting snack brands in the UK today.

It is our mission to make the best new snack brands more successful by matching their products to the most forward-thinking retailers & outlets across the country. Whilst we’re still small, we're part of a very fast growing movement to make snacking healthier and we now enjoy an enviable reputation that means we’re at the top of the target list of wholesalers for most innovative new snack brands launching into the UK market today. We are seen as a key player in helping to make their products successful nationally.

As a fast growing company we'd love to hear from you if you'd like to be part of this, could add someone positive to the team and most importantly that you match our core values:

•    Have a clear goal, and be driven to achieve that goal
•    Be innovative in your thinking to find new, better, ways of doing things
•    Be entrepreneurial, questioning the status quo and not being afraid to take the right risks
•    Be a team player. Helpful, open and honest at all times
•    Be engaged and engaging, passionate about the team you’re part of
•    Be a leader, in charge of your own development and inspiring to others

You'll find links to roles that we're actively recruiting for below, but if you'd like to tell us that we need you for any other role then do please send us an email telling us why.

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Current Opportunities:

Sorry, we don't have any specific positions in mind at the moment but do let us know if you'd like to part of what we're doing - we'd love to hear from you.