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Putting the Spotlight on Cambrook with Angus Cameron and Michael Brooks


Founded: 2012


How Did it All Start?

Cambrook Foods was founded in 2012 by Angus Cameron and Michael Brooks. Having worked in the nut business for over 25 years we decided to start a business producing nuts just the way we like them. The best grades of nuts are a given, so it is all about the way we take a raw nut and make it into something special.


What is Cambrook about?

We have refined our methods of baking (not frying) and caramelising nuts in ways which are often unique to us. We set out to become the best specialist nut manufacturer and with customers like Claridge’s, The Ritz and Fortnum & Mason we believe we have come a long way to achieving this.


Is Cambrook a Well-known Brand?

As a supplier to famous hotels we have worked closely with several chefs to develop a unique collection of nut mixes. We bring this know how to the retail sector in a variety of products and pack sizes.


What Makes Cambrook So Tasty?

For our savoury range we bake (not fry) the nuts, either for salting or for seasoning with our original recipes of spices, herbs and flavours. We have refined the process over the years to bake consistently to a roast level where we bring out the best flavour in each variety of nut. We produce everything in our BRC accredited (AA Grade) factory in Andover, Hampshire. We are a small team with dedicated and skilled people, some of whom have been with us since we started and all of whom take great pride in the job.


What's Next for the Brand?

By continuing to do what we do best but always on the look out for ways to improve and innovate.