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Putting the Spotlight on HiP with James Cadbury


Founded: March 2021


How Did it All Start?

It started when we couldn’t find a vegan chocolate that we enjoyed or wanted to buy again. A lot of vegan chocolate is either dark or uses coconut/rice milk, which negatively affects the flavour and texture. We found that oat milk, with its growing popularity, can create a really smooth and creamy texture without a compromise in flavour. The idea behind H!P is to create a really delicious and indulgent alternative to (dairy) milk chocolate.


What is HiP about?

H!P Oat Milk Chocolate is a new sustainable, plant-based chocolate brand, producing delicious, creamy chocolate from a slave-free supply chain. An indulgent chocolate bar, made with oat milk filled with unique flavour combinations, and all totally vegan friendly!


What 5 Things Makes it Better?

• 41% Single-Origin Colombian Cocoa • Deliciously Creamy • Vegan Friendly • Slave-free • Plastic-free packaging • Sustainable


Who's HiP likely to appeal to?

Bold and eye-catching designs on packaging Unique and on trend flavour combos Dynamic and collaborative team and strong attention to customer feedback/reviews


One fun fact about the brand?

The creamiest vegan chocolate on the planet!