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Putting the Spotlight on Nuud with Keir Carnie


Founded: March 2021


How Did it All Start?

Regular chewing gum is single-use plastic containing many of the plastics found in shampoo bottles, carrier bags and even car tyres, ew! At Nuud, we say “Chew Plants Not Plastic” and are on a mission to rid the world of the plastic gum that sticks around to harm the planet indefinitely. We use a sustainably harvested tree sap, only plant based ingredients and our gum is compostable and biodegradable!


What is Nuud about?

  • Plastic free
  • Plant based (& Vegan Society trademarked)
  • Biodegradable
  • Naturally sugar free
  • No hidden ingredients!


Why is the Brand So Relevant?

90% of Brits are concerned about plastic pollution and 55% think supermarkets and big brands aren’t doing enough to address the issue. 85% also don’t know gum contains plastic! We are growing awareness through educating consumers on the environmental, litter and plastic waste problems regular gum creates!


Who's Nuud likely to appeal to?

Unlike regular chewing gums that quietly contain synthetic plastics, our gum is completely plastic free. Using only plant based ingredients, our gum is vegan and biodegrades just like a banana skin! Our gum is naturally sweetened with Xylitol, a compound that comes from the bark of birch and beech trees.


Tell us a WOW Fact!

Regular chewing gum contains as much single-use plastic per piece as a drinking straw! Nuud is plastic free, plant based, biodegradable and naturally sugar free!