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First up Abakus seaweed crisps which are made using carefully sourced seaweed harvested from the deep blue seas of South Korea, and coated with a thin layer of crunchy tapioca to create the crunchiest seaweed snack. Next, the first ionised water launched in the UK with a pH level of 9.0 plusActiPH water combines the wellness of hydration with the need for performance, this alkaline water ensures you’re hydrated and back to your best quicker.


With the rise in demand for low and no alcohol ranges, Drynks Unlimited 'Smashed' range of craft-styled Lager, Beer and Cider drinks are all 0% alcohol and so tasty you’ll believe you’re drinking the real thing! Chika's savoury snacks are inspired by African ingredients and flavour palettes, each ingredient is 100% natural and ethically sourced from traditional communities. The unusual sounding FattBar are 100% natural keto diet bars, free from sweeteners, packed with brain boosting healthy fats, and a great source of prebiotic inulin to help promote a happy healthy gut!


The British Crisp Co are hand-cooked in the UK using exclusively British potatoes (as you might expect given the name) but they're also free from major allergens, vegan friendly and come in compostable packs (which you might not have expected!). Maximuscle are low sugar and Informed Sport Accredited snacking; the perfect sports nutrition range for the casual and mainstream protein consumer are new for April too. Knowing the value of feeding only the best of what nature has to offer, Wallaroo are 100% organic fruit snacks completely plastic free packs, whilst last but not least Brave bring delicious roasted chickpeas and peas to you, packed with protein and full of fibre, these snacks certainly pack a punch.