Evolving Attitudes Towards Vegan Snacks

Plant-Based Becomes a Mainstay

Not so long ago, mention the word vegan and it's hemp pants, hippies, unkempt beards and bland snacks which creep to mind. Then a few years ago it acquired a hipster tone eventually translating in vegan becoming the buzz word on everyone's lips. Its surging popularity is a national phenomenon, with plant-based food festivals, campaigns and businesses booming up and down the country. If you want to know why vegan is booming, then read on.

Why are people going vegan? According to the Vegan Society, veganism quadrupled in popularity in the past five years, and this growing healthy trend isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. But for the majority, plant based diets are seeing a boost in popularity as people look to take ownership of their diets, looking towards more sustainable, meat free options and alternatives.

2021 was a year of mainstream veganism, as every trend forecaster and market analyst seems to agree, then there is not one single cause, but a perfect plant-based storm of factors. People cite several key motives for going vegan – animal welfare, environmental concerns and personal health – and this is being accompanied by an endless array of new business start-ups, cookbooks, social media campaigns, trendy events and impact documentaries.

How Veganuary Can Be a Success for Retailers

Perceptions have changed and so has the world of snacking. 2021 is set for even bigger things with the post-Christmas period offering the perfect opportunity to activate and focus on your vegan range. Businesses can get involved with Veganuary now by a dedicated business support toolkit.

Since its launch back in 2014, Veganuary has made headlines as droves of people have made the switch to a vegan diet. During the 2020 campaign, a whopping 400,000 people took the pledge for a month and a staggering 500 brands got involved, launching more than 200 new vegan products into the market. With figures like this it’s easy to see how Veganuary is a major influence in helping people make the change and retailers can't afford to miss out on trying more vegan snacks such as Deliciously Ella, LoveRaw and Perkier.

So, what’s the catalyst? For some people it’s the challenge – people love to try and set themselves a goal, especially in the New Year, for some it’s all about nutrition and wanting to eat better, and for others its concerns about the environment or animal rights. Whatever the reason behind getting involved there’s no doubt Veganuary is getting more and more popular and it’s likely to grow again - the time to act is now and we can support you.

The Best Vegan Snacks for Retailers

No longer considered niche, you can find any number of exciting 100% plant-based whole food snacks available with strong margins (typically 25%+), clearly signposting their plant-based credentials.

But which ones are going to be a hit for a wider mainstream audience? From committed vegans to those trialling a meat reduced diet, there are many ways consumers can try to incorporate plant-based products into their snacking choices. We have curated a perfect mix of innovative, challenger and mainstream plant-based and vegan brands. The wealth of choice these days makes decisions tough but we've done the hard work.

By stocking a wide range or vegan and plant-based snacks you’re opening up these growing trends to your customer base. Keep both younger customers engaged and appeal to new audiences by offering more vegan friendly ranges. Signpost a range in store and actively engage on social media to promote your Veganuary display.

Differentiating your snacks not only begins opening existing customers to a wider selection of options, but also help to attract a new audience. Working with us offers you exact that. With a quick turnaround, no minimum order and free delivery on any order over £80, our team here at Epicurium can have you tapping into the newest vegan and healthier snacks, from the UK and further afield, in no time.

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