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The UK is leading the charge as one of the fastest growing high protein snack markets in Europe. It’s worth noting that protein-based snacks are a great treat but also good news for your well-being. With protein a key nutrient within the body – both for growth and repair, so brands marketing themselves as ‘high protein’ will inevitably find themselves popular with health-conscious consumers and retailers alike.

Protein based snacks and high protein diets are now a regular staple for everyone from fitness-buffs to office workers and casual snackers. Snack brands have maximised this growing trend and we’re seeing some great innovative products hitting the shelves including bars, shakes, nut butters and more. Brands are actively calling out protein content on front panels more often, and in some cases position their entire branding around it!

Therefore what does this mean for convenience retail and the protein category? Gavin Wright @ PhD Nutrition helps shed light why the Smart Bar is the right range for today's snackers, along with an insight in to how all this translates in to opportunities for Independent Retailers....

How Retailers Make the Most of Demand

In recent years we have seen category lines slowly getting blurred with protein and protein-rich snacks becoming part of people’s active lifestyles. Whereas most supplements used to be seen as something to be consumed around the workout occasion only, they have now become an essential part of people’s daily diets. Consumers are looking for convenient and healthy products that fit into their busy and active lifestyles.

"...high protein, low sugar snacks are the perfect addition to an active, healthy lifestyle"

Convenience is key, with the most commonly consumed nutrition products being protein bars, protein powders and ready to drink protein shakes. Bars are ideal as snacks between meals to increase protein intake, as an on the go breakfast or even mid-afternoon snack to curb appetite for sugary snacks.

There has also been a growth in conscious consumption - consumers are more mindful about what they consume, the impact they are having on the environment and the sustainability of their purchasing decisions (i.e. environmentally friendly & recyclable product packaging). This is also reflected in an increased demand for vegan products, with 61% of users stating that sports nutrition products with plant protein are the healthier choice.

Why is PhD Right for Retailers

One of the fastest-growing protein bars in the past couple of years, with a market-leading taste and texture, filled with the perfect macros, packed 20g protein per bar and less than 2g sugar, PhD has become a must for the protein planogram with a healthy profit return of 32%.

PhD offers a wide range of protein-packed performance led products that can easily be incorporated as part of an active lifestyle. PhD protein snacks such as Smart Bar -  the intelligent way to get your daily protein fix without adding unwanted carbs - offer a convenient way to top up protein intake throughout the day. High protein, low sugar snacks are the perfect addition to an active, healthy lifestyle, making the products a fitting snack to complement people’s diet.

One of the most salient brands in the sports nutrition category, sitting third in terms of brand awareness and having the strongest conversion level to brand consideration in the category. Synonymous with protein expertise and offering quality, PhD is designed to be a brand consumers can trust.

The majority of PhD users are typically 25-34 years old committed gym goers, with a slight skew towards a more male audience. However that said, the end consumer is broad ranging with the Smart range tapping in to today's consumer active lifestyle category, adding to their wider appeal.

Future Opportunities with Protein Snacks

Post-covid shifts behaviour between gym, home and outside no doubt create opportunities within the category. There is also an increased focus on a healthy mind as well as body with the growth of Nootropics and CBD, where there is highly proliferated and limited leadership in the category. The growing importance of gut health has seen an explosion of functional foods enriched with probiotics and collagen.

"....be sure to stock a mixture of category leaders, core brands and new innovators to drive this major trend"

Today however, high protein snacks and sports nutrition is a must and targeting this category is incredibly important for retailers. Think about what POS would make you stop and consider making a purchase. Retailers can take on this trend and maximise it to drive sales. Entice consumers with prominent displays, vibrant colours and healthier snacking signage towards a dedicated protein fixture. This major trend is likely to stand the test of time – so retailers will be well-placed to invest in a great POS for impact.

Also you could look to run social media campaigns around key fitness milestones and hashtags – to provide visibility at a time when consumers are looking to make more healthy choices. Or why not offer free samples or tasters to encourage people to try something new when it comes to their next protein hit with the stigma towards heavy, chewy protein snacks gone?

Be sure to stock a mixture of category leaders, core brands and new innovators to drive this major trend. Protein isn’t going away any time soon so try different tactics and see what works for your customer base. Protein isn’t going away any time soon so try different tactics and ranges to see what works for your customer base".

Protein isn’t going away any time soon so try different tactics and ranges to see what works for your customer base".

Ordering PhD Protein with Epicurium

Has this blog helped inspire you? As experts in wholesome cool snacks, we supply retailers with sure fire must-stock hits to some of the freshest, new protein snacks on the market. With independent brands stealing a march on the more established brand names, driven by authenticity and a strong online brand presence. Take a look at the full PhD range or some of the new products you could be stocking to capture a greater share of the snacking audience. With a quick turnaround of 24-48 hours, no minimum order number and free delivery on any order over £80, our team here at Epicurium can have you tapping into freshest protein snacks in no time.

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