10 Tasty Wholesale Plant-Based Snacks to Satisfy Every Palate

With more consumers ever wanting to cut their meat intake or cut it out altogether by opting for plant-based diets, the competition among retailers selling vegan snacks has never been more fierce. It's vital that retailers are meeting the rising demand for plant-based snacks, and with the abundance of plant-based snacks available, it's never been easier!

Why Are Plant-Based Products Growing In Popularity?

Over the past few years, customers have noticeably started to make more ethical, environmental, and health-conscious choices when it comes to their diets. This refocusing of priorities has led to the vegan diet, which was previously considered an inaccessible dietary option, becoming both accessible and increasingly appealing to many.

Reasons for consumers moving towards plant-based products vary, for some people, it’s ethical and even environmental whereas for others it’s simply for health reasons. Research carried out by New Food Magazine found that 60% of UK consumers started eating plant-based products as it is considered to be ‘healthier’. They also reported that analysts have predicted the plant-based food market to grow by 11.9% by 2027 and to be valued at $74.2 billion. 

What Can Offering Plant-Based Snacks Do For My Customers?

The demand for healthy (but delicious!) vegan and vegetarian snacks requires retailers to make this new dietary focus the forefront of their stores and promote the benefits of a plant-based diet. By providing a wide selection of vegan products for your customers you'll be able to stand out from competitors and keep customers wanting to come back for more. 

According to One Green Planet, research carried out by the Plant-Based Products Council revealed that consumers don’t just want plant-based products for individual consumption but they also look favourably on businesses that provide plant-based products. 

Their research stated that 57% of consumers are using plant-based products at least once a week and 89% of consumers are likely to support businesses that sell plant-based products. This means that businesses that don’t provide plant-based products will fall behind those that do which could also affect their reputation, which in this day and age is vital for any business.

10 Tasty Plant-Based Snacks For Wholesale Purchase

Not sure which vegan snacks to stock your shelves with? Not to worry, we've pulled together a selection of some tasty vegan snacks that you can buy at wholesale prices, that are guaranteed to be popular with your consumers, to make your decision a little easier!

LoveRaw Vegan Cream-Filled Wafer

The Vegan Cream-Filled Wafer is not only a plant-based chocolate snack but is also free of refined sugar, palm oil and is made with organic Fairtrade chocolate! Think of them as a plant-based version of a well-known wafer bar - but better!

Wow Fact: It is also the UK’s first vegan hazelnut cream-filled crunchy wafer which is topped with vegan chocolate!

Wholesale Plant-Based Snacks - Love Raw Vegan Chocolate Bar

Itsu Mega Miso Protein Noodles

Blending spices and chilli, the Mega Miso Protein Noodles by Itsu, a market-leading brand, provides consumers with a quick and easy, low-calorie snack.

Wow Fact: The Mega Miso Protein Noodles combines three very popular elements of food products; Vegan, Low Calorie and Protein.

Wholesale Plant-Based Snacks- Itsu Mega Miso Noodle Pot

Native Prawn Crackers 

Made from 100% natural ingredients, the Native Prawn Crackers are the ideal light snack that boasts the crunchy texture of a crisp and light feel of popcorn.

Wow Fact: The Native Prawn Crackers are the first vegan prawn crackers in the UK!

Wholesale Plant-Based Snacks- Native Prawn Crackers

Mister Free’d Tortilla Chips Cheezie

The  Mister Free’d Tortilla Chips Cheezie are ideal for sharing with family and friends or even for one if you’re feeling extra hungry! No nasty additives are included in this sharing snack.

Wow Fact: The Cheezies Mister Free’d Tortilla Chips are vegan and gluten free making it suitable for a wide range of consumers.

Wholesale Plant-Based Snacks - Mister Freed Cheese Flavour Tortilla Chips

Boundless Chipotle and Lime Activated Chips

Great for gut health and digestion the Boundless activated chips are a great vegan and gluten-free snacking option for your customers.

Wow Fact: The boundless chipotle and lime-activated chips use the goodness of sorghum for healthy gut health

Wholesale Plant-Based Crisps - Boundless Gut health Crisps

Brave Superfood Roasted Chickpeas - BBQ Flavoured

These plant-based crunchy protein snacks are a great alternative to snack bars, high in fibre and less than 140 calories!

Wow Fact: The Brave Superfood Roasted Chickpeas have a brand new look and are fully HFSS compliant!

Wholesale Plant-Based Snacks - Brave Superfood Roasted Chickpeas - BBQ Flavoured

Candy Kittens - Loves

Appeal to consumers' sweet tooth with these vegan and indulgent strawberry flavoured sweets.

Wow Fact: Candy Kittens have teamed up with designer Ruby Taylor to produce these Limited Edition 'Loves' packets.

Wholesale Plant-Based Snacks - Candy Kittens - Loves

Caroboo Choco Bar - Creamy Coconut

The Caroboo choco bar is 100% vegan, with no refined sugars and even has compostable packaging, making them extremely appealing to consumers wanting to make more conscious dietary decisions.

Wow Fact: This is technically not a chocolate bar as it is made with carob, a naturally high fibre, creamy textured nut, caffeine-free ingredient.

Wholesale Plant-Snacks- Caroboo Choco bar creamy coconut

PhD Peanut Butter & Jelly

PhD Smart plant bars are available in 4 delicious dessert-inspired flavours. Super-soft protein centre, coated in gooey caramel and protein crispies

Wow Fact: These bars contain Less than 2 grams of sugar and over 20 grams of plant proteins!

Wholesale Plant-Based Protein Bar PhD Peanut Butter & Jelly

Jealous Sweets Berry Foams Sharing Bag

Enjoy Jealous Sweets with a Berry Foams sharing bag perfect for sharing or snacking out by yourself! This is a vegan-friendly, low-sugar sweet snack that boasts a range of different berry flavours.

Wow Fact: This gluten-free sweet also has sugar-free options available in the same range.

Wholesale Plant-Based Sweets - Jealous Sweets Berry Foams

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