Alkaline Ionised Water

600ml Alkaline waters, supercharged to pH 9+

  • Shropshire Spring Water
  • Ionised to pH 9.0+
  • 100% Recyclable Bottles
  • Founded in 2017
Actiph Water is Europe’s leading alkaline ionised water, supercharged to a pH of 9+ founded by 7-time Guinness World Record holder and ultra-endurance athlete, Jamie Douglas-Hamilton.
Smooth Refreshing Taste
Unique Blend of Electrolytes
Supercharged Hydrations
Effective Hydration
Great for Workout Fuel Better for You  Great for a Mood Boost

Key reasons to stock ActiPH...

  • Convenient Health: One of the most effective forms of hydration
  • Multiple Health Benefits: Helps reduce tiredness & fatigue, maintain healthy hair, skin & teeth
  • Supports Immune Systems: Shoppers are increasingly seeking solutions for immune and wellness boosting

ActiPH was founded off the back of Jamie’s first transoceanic row from Australia to Africa. During this expedition they went on to break the existing world record by two weeks! ActiPH Water takes fresh Shropshire spring water, adds a unique blend of electrolytes, then ionises to pH 9+, producing a smooth, refreshing alkaline water that helps to achieve more every day. The advanced ionisation process removes sour tasting acidic ions leaving a smooth, alkaline water that helps take your hydration to the next pH level.

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