Snacking trend forecasters with a passion to deliver better snacking for everyone

Our Mission

We aim to be the UK’s first choice premium snacking wholesaler, delivering better snacking for everyone – from independent retailers to multi-site corporate clients.

Our Culture

Our culture is a really key part of achieving our plan. We’re building a great team of people that trust and rely on each other to do their best every day. Of course, building a really great team needs people of all dynamic types, with different backgrounds and interests.

Our Values

Enjoy the journey together – We enjoy what we do, doing work we find rewarding, and celebrating success together. We are positive, have an optimistic, resourceful attitude, supporting each other to grow as the business succeeds.

Inspire excellence – We develop and hire the best people who are self-motivated and committed to excellence. We are proud of what we do and hold each other accountable for high standards and great results.

Always over-deliver – We exceed expectations, over-delivering for our clients and each other. We take ownership of what needs to be done, challenging ourselves to be better every day.

Our Journey

We have quickly grown to become a trusted distributor to independent retailers, workspaces and food outlets.

It’s been a long and exciting journey to get where we are today. We started as a small distribution hub for a range of ambient pouched meals called Look What We Found back in 2005. Back then, we supplied independents by delivering trade quantities, to most of what, was then a niche market of local delis and farm shops.

Fast forward to 2009, we had brought on board a number of up-and-coming premium snacks and a handful more local and rising stars.

Then came our breakthrough moment. We realised healthier lifestyles and in particular, better-for-you snacking was fast on the rise.

We quickly increased our range to include the likes of BEAR, ProperCorn and Vita Coco – all well-established brand names these days. By 2012 we were actively looking for the next big thing; sourcing only a carefully sourced range of healthy impulse options – from high-protein snack bars to sugar-free energy drinks – for our rapidly growing customer base. It had taken several years but we had established our identity as the go-to place for innovative, healthier snacking.

By 2015, we had moved to a new 25,000 sq. warehouse unit and we were serving customers across the UK, including a number of national and multi-site operators.

Today, our goal is to become the number one leading distributor of healthy snacks and on-trend products. We offer more than 900 products, and 130 plus brands, serve some 2,500 customers and employ 28 members of staff, and we have STS accreditation. As a company, we have been excited by the growth we’ve seen in healthy snacking in the UK and our growing team has allowed us to expand our reach, curating a range of brands loved by retailers, offering our customers a chance to be different.

Looking ahead, all signs indicate that demand for affordable premium, health and wellbeing will continue to grow as consumers become increasingly aware of more nutritionally beneficial alternatives to mainstream snacks. Producers will continue to develop tasty, new and innovative solutions and we’ll be among the leading pack - if not before anyone else - to present them to retailers.

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