Crisps and Popcorn

Offering an appealing crisp and popcorn selection, is arguably more important than ever, as the category continues to grow amid changing tastes and trends. You'll have access to not only traditional favourites, but innovative and healthier snack alternatives, to truly elevate your offering. These ranges will help you differentiate, standing out from competition big and small, local and online.

  • Over 160 product lines
  • 25+ Crisp, popcorn & pretzel brands
  • 7 High margin Categories 

Worth £3.8bn and growing by 8% year on year (Better Retailing)

Total bagged snacks has seen strong double-digit growth (The Grocer)

The better-for-you segment grew by 29% year on year (Talking Retail)

Essential Crisp and Popcorn Categories Driving Growth

  • Flavoured crisps… taking traditional hand-cooked crisps and elevating them to a whole new level
  • Fruit & veg crisps… helping shoppers get their daily fix in a tasty, crunchy snack
  • Multi-grain… often baked, not fried, these crisps use the goodness of quinoa, lentils and chickpeas
  • Pretzels… turning the humble American classic and elevating to meet today's healthier demands
  • Popcorn… a category which continues to grow, driven by the return to seeking evening treats at home
  • Tortilla… move over big brands, these are the premium and healthier tortillas consumers are seeking
  • World flavours… helping shoppers travel the world from their sofa thanks to exotic combinations

Ranging Tips

Feature seasonal flavours. Crisps are often associated with certain seasons, such as barbecue season in the summer or salt and vinegar season in the winter. By featuring seasonal flavours, you can tap into customer demand and boost sales. Many shoppers will seek crisps and popcorn that are both enjoyable and healthier, with bolder and more exotic flavour profiles. Health expectations are higher than ever from crunchy snacks, but so too are expectations on taste. 

In general, it is important to strike a balance between innovation and familiarity when creating a planogram. Too much innovation can alienate customers who are looking for familiar brands and flavours, while too little innovation can lead to lost sales.

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