If you want to make sure you stock the best wholesome snacks, then select these healthy sweet and savoury ideas. Attract new shoppers and differentiate with these leading snacking options which are boasting really impressive sales figures. Excite a higher spending shopper with leading high-protein bars, crunchy plant-based nibbles, low calorie snacks and much more. From the latest in sustainable food to delicious, exciting new flavours – you'll find them right here.

  • Choose from over 50 brands
  • Over 130 high protein options
  • 300+ snacks available

Healthy options account for 31% of all snacking occasions (Kantar)

Shoppers don’t want compromise on quality, for healthier 

Sales of its protein bars are now 20% ahead of 2020 (Grocer)

Essential Sub-Categories Driving Growth

  • Corn, Chickpea, Nuts & Seeds… high fibre, crunchy nibbles great for parties, the office and retail
  • Fruit & Veg Snacks… plant-based, free-from snacks with all the goodness of nature’s finest
  • Healthy Snacks… the better-for-you alternatives which consumers are seeing all over social media
  • Meat Snacks... natural protein at its finest with these craft snacks
  • Protein & Sports… protein snacking remains one of the key drivers in the category, including leading brands Grenade and Fulfil

Ranging Tips

Snacking is on a serious health kick. What’s already clear is snack makers are now in great shape to capitalise and grow sales. Protein bars, keto-friendly snacks and low-calorie nibbles have an opportunity to leverage their health claims to become the go-to choice for shoppers.

People want to eat healthier snacks with lower calories and lower sugar to satisfy their taste buds. Yet shoppers don’t want compromise on quality for healthier. We have a wide range of wholesale healthy snacks, bars and bites with plenty of different flavours to choose from. Give your consumers a healthy snack that also tastes delicious, with brands such as Barebells, Grenade, Kind, Nakd and more!

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