Nostalgic Protein Bars & Shakes

A range of protein-enriched alternatives to snacks

  • 16g - 20g Protein
  • No Added Sugar
  • HFSS Compliant Milkshakes
  • Launched in 2018
Barebells hits the sweet spot between chocolate bars, health bars and protein bars. Similarly between milkshakes and protein shakes, offering a delectable range of high-protein alternatives that cater to diverse lifestyles while prioritising taste and health.

Differing Shopper Missions


Function Focused


Lactose Free Shakes


Includes Vegan Options

Great for Workout Fuel Better for You  Great for Food to Go

Key reasons to stock Barebells...

  • Driving Category Growth: Barebells protein bars deliver on health, taste, look and trend
  • Standout Appeal: Strong on shelf visual with retro branding, guaranteed to catch the eye
  • Incremental Opportunities: Born from a desire to elevate the appeal of protein bars and shakes, the Swedish-developed brand embarked on a mission to redefine the perception of on-the-go protein snacks

Barebells is a brand that truly understands the importance of inclusivity and mindful consumption. They have taken the concept of functional foods and made it accessible to a wider audience, challenging the notion that such foods are only for fitness enthusiasts. By prioritizing low sugar content and high nutritional value, Barebells has brought about a conscious shift in the way people choose to nourish their bodies. Their diverse range of protein-enriched offerings, which includes vegan options, are not only delicious but also contribute to overall vitality. Whether you're a fitness buff, a foodie, or someone who simply wants to indulge, Barebells has something for everyone.

Every product from protein bars to milkshakes, is crafted with a high-protein, no-added-sugar philosophy. This means you can enjoy a tasty snack without having to worry about sacrificing your health goals. Barebells truly delivers on their promise of harmonising taste, texture, and well-being in every snacking solution they offer.

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