Gut Friendly Snacks

Made with natural ingredients and bursting in nutrients

  • Sorghum Based Chips
  • Flavoured Nuts & Seeds
  • Source of Protein & Fibre
  • Founded in 2016
Boundless are here to make snacking easy through activated gut health, gluten free & vegan snacks. High in protein and fibre containing 9.6g of protein, 6.3g of Fibre per 100g. Soaked to remove acids and protective enzymes.
Leading Gut Health Brand
Highly Nutritious Ingredients
100% Plant Based
Donate to Social Causes
Great for Gut Health Better for You Great for a Meal Deal

Key reasons to stock Boundless...

  • Focus on Flavour: Every Boundless flavour is a taste of cultures colliding, a total flavour explosion including bolder flavours such as Chipotle and Smoky BBQ, in convenient on the go formats
  • Gut Health: With more focus than ever on gut health, these real snacks taste good and do good for real people; simply, the healthier crisp option
  • Social Causes: Boundless donate 1p to provide safe water for every bag sold in the UK

Boundless make gut friendly snacks by soaking their fab natural ingredients, making them even better! With a little TLC, Boundless’ snacks are ready to unlock their impressive range of nutrients.

The method might be simple, but the outcome? It’s literally next level snacking. For every Boundless Crisp bag purchased, 1p is donated to Frank Water, providing safe drinking water, sanitation & hygiene across India & Nepal. Snacking that tastes good & does good – that’s what boundless is all about.

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