Craft Sodas with Soul

Made with natural ingredients and under 50 calories per can

  • Real Fruit
  • No Added Sugars
  • No Artificial Flavourings
  • Founded in 2012
Lovingly made by chefs, Dalston's set out to craft soda with soul. Full flavour. No nasties. Better for you. At Dalston's all their care and attention goes into sourcing the best ingredients they can find. There’s nothing fake in their cans, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavourings, no nasties.
Best of British Ingredients
Carbon Neutral Brand
No Added Sugars
Honestly Made
Better for You Alternative Great for a Meal Deal Great for Big Night In

Key reasons to stock Dalston's...

  • Best of British: Proudly made in the UK. Real fruit from a farm-friendly supply chain supports regenerative British agriculture
  • Better for You: No refined sugars, no artificial sweeteners, less than 50 calories per can
  • Premium Upgrade: Shaking up the soft drink category by creating a premium, healthier, sustainable alternative that tastes absolutely delicious

Dalston’s was setup in an East London nightclub by Duncan O’Brien in 2012. Formerly a chef on the Orient Express, he began blending, mashing and infusing the first drinks by hand using ingredients sourced from local markets. Staying true to their roots, the soda making process and the integrity of the liquids they use, all of Dalston's recipes are developed in-house by Duncan for people to enjoy.

On a mission to make people and planet equal by committing to reducing their use of plastic, Dalston's value long-term and direct relationships with all of their suppliers and keep their supply chain as short as possible, keeping their carbon footprint as low as they can and to ensure that those who work so hard to make Dalston's great ingredients are paid fairly.

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