Infused Sparkling Waters

Celebrating wonky fruit with delicious & healthy sparkling water

  • Zero Calories
  • No Sugar
  • British Spring Water
  • Founded in 2017
Dash Water is at the forefront of a new wave of healthy soft drinks in a world where unnecessary waste and outdated business practices are a thing of the past. A sustainable business doing more for the planet, people and taste buds.
3 Simple Ingredients
100% Recyclable
Certified B Corp
Better for You Alternative Great for a Meal Deal Best of British

Key reasons to stock Dash...

  • Category Leader: Dash is the number one brand in the seltzer category with 35% share
  • Strong Sustainable Ethics: Infuse delicious sparkling waters with real, wonky fruit which others say no
  • Incremental Opportunities: Dash bridges the gap between plain water and sugar soft drinks

At Dash they judge their ingredients on taste alone – looks never come into it. There are no calories, no sugar, no sweeteners – it's just like water, but better. So, while they are fussy about flavour, Dash Water doesn’t care if it’s bumped, curved, broken or squashed. Dash Water infuse their tasty waters with real, wonky fruit. That’s bent, crushed, misshapen fruit which supermarkets say no to. By accepting the misfits, Dash Water is on a mission to hydrate and inspire millions of Dash drinkers with 150 million cans by 2025, saving 2,500 tonnes of wasted fruit and veg.

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