Crunchy Plant-based Snacks

Based on three simple concepts: taste, nutrition and real ingredients

  • Super Grains
  • Free From
  • Plant-Based
  • Founded in 2012
A healthy alternative to standard snacks. Eat Real's journey is steeped in authenticity and innovation, crafting snacks with chickpeas, lentils, and quinoa that redefine wholesome, flavourful snacking while honouring a family legacy rooted in a passion for food.
Exotic Flavour Combinations
Highly Nutritious
Impulse & Sharing Formats
Lower in Fat
Plant-Based Alternative Better for You Great for a Big Night In

Key reasons to stock Eat Real...

  • Inclusive Snacking: All Eat Real's products are vegan, gluten-free, and made from natural ingredients, catering to individuals seeking better-for-you snack options without sacrificing flavour or crunch
  • Authentic Values: Eat Real is a standout choice for consumers looking for innovative and distinctive snack options
  • Flavourful Natural Ingredients: As the pioneer for Hummus/Lentil/Quinoa chips Eat real has a well established trust among consumers

Eat Real's journey began in the 1960s in Nairobi, the Patel family, Dinesh and Savita, laid the foundation for what would become an extraordinary brand. Dinesh's successful venture selling crisps, popcorn, spicy peanuts, and green peas under Cofresh to cinemas and roadside stalls was more than just a business; it was a tight-knit community where everyone played a vital role. Their respect for the women running the factory showcased a unique culture that has remained central to the brand's identity.

The legacy continued with their son Priyesh joining the family business with a fresh vision. He recognized that the UK snack market was saturated with beige - primarily potatoes and wheat. Priyesh seized an opportunity to introduce pulses, grains, and legumes from their Indian and African heritage to the UK. Eat Real's pioneering use of chickpeas, lentils, and quinoa in their chips positions them as a distinctive brand in the snack industry.

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