Award-winning hand cooked crisps

Farm fresh, family grown, thick-cut potato crisps

  • Potato Crisps
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • Founded in 2006
Fairfields Farm is a family-owned brand crafting farm-fresh, thick-cut crisps with a commitment to sustainability, allergen-free goodness, and award-winning flavours that embody the essence of the English countryside. Fairfields plant, grow, harvest, cook and bag... all on their family farm in Colchester, Essex.
7 Flavours Available
Sustainably Sourced
Certified Allergen Free Snacking
Made in Small Batches
Best of British Great for a Meal Deal Great with Alcohol

Key reasons to stock Fairfields...

  • Farm-to-Table Integrity: Every aspect of Fairfields Farm Crisps is a labour of love - from the farm's potatoes to the handcrafted crisps. This genuine dedication yields a taste that's rich in authenticity.
  • Allergen-Free and Vegan: As a brand that prioritises accessibility, Fairfields Farm Crisps stand out by being free from major allergens and strictly adhering to vegan principles, making them easy to stock and compliant with regulations like Natasha's Law.
  • Sustainable Commitment: The brand's sustainability initiatives include bio-crop production, reservoir management, and biodiversity preservation. Their imminent carbon-neutral status and net-zero target by 2030 exemplify their commitment to a greener future.

Fairfields Farm, founded by Robert and Laura Strathern, is an independent brand that encapsulates the essence of their family farm nestled on the Essex and Suffolk border. The journey begins with the cultivation of their very own potatoes, which are then meticulously hand cooked into thick-cut crisps right on-site. These crisps carry the pride of being vegan, gluten-free, and entirely free from major allergens, a testament to the brand's commitment to inclusivity and taste. Standing as a unique field-to-farm gate story, Fairfields Farm Crisps radiate the authentic flavours of a family's dedication. A notable distinction is that Fairfield’s Farms are proud to be independent and their crisps are not found on supermarket shelves, rendering them a cherished and distinct delight.

Fairfields Farm's journey is rooted in the understanding that caring for the land ensures a future of flavourful harvests. Amid rapid growth, Fairfields Farm maintains its unwavering focus on preserving its family-run ethos while contributing positively to its surroundings. The brand plans to continue its trajectory, rooted in its independent heritage, and nurturing its environmental commitment.

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