The FHIRST All-Natural, Zero Sugar Living Soda

Supporting Immune, Brain & Gut Health

  • Gut-Focused Innovation
  • Zero Sugar or Sweeteners
  • Stability & Functionality
  • Environmental Commitment
FHIRST emerges as a  functional soda, born from a quest for a healthy yet delicious alternative in a market saturated with sugary options. This game-changing drink, crafted in 2023, seamlessly combines the refreshing taste of mainstream soda with the essential benefits for gut and overall health.
2 Billion Stable Living Probiotic Cultures.
100% Natural, Vegan & Non-GMO.
1% of Turnover Donated to biodiversity projects with SUGi.
5G Prebiotic Plant Fibre per can
Great for a Meal Deal Highly Sustainable Award Winning

Key reasons to stock Fhirst...

  • Unparalleled Health Benefits: FHIRST stands out for its unrivalled health benefits, supporting gut, immune, and brain health through stable probiotics and prebiotic fibre
  • Taste Without Compromise Offering a mainstream soda taste without the guilt, FHIRST remains natural, sugar-free, and free from sweeteners, providing a guilt-free indulgence.
  • Environmental & Ethical Commitment: Consumers choose FHIRST not only for their health but also for a brand that resonates with their values—a commitment to sustainability, reflected in 100% recyclable packaging and support for biodiversity projects across the globe.

Fhirst Zero Sugar Drink - Ginger and Mandarin flavoured drink Fhirst Soda for gut health cooled on ice Fhirst Cherry Vanilla flavour- a great healthy alternative to cherry cola

In a world where functional beverages are becoming increasingly popular, FHIRST Living Soda stands out as a true game-changer. This soda isn't just about tasting good; it's about doing good. FHIRST combines the power of probiotics and prebiotics to support physical health and mental well-being, all without any added sugar or sweeteners.

FHIRST's journey doesn't stop there. They are dedicated to sustainability and environmental stewardship, making sure that every sip of FHIRST supports a healthier planet. By choosing FHIRST, consumers become part of a movement towards better health, backed by science and fueled by a commitment to the environment. FHIRST's guilt-free soda, not only quenches thirst but nurtures the body and the world around us.

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