Protein Boosted Snacks

Bringing B-Corp to breakfasts and on the go

  • Cookies, Muffins, Bars
  • Drinks, Porridge, Granola
  • High Fibre & Protein
  • Founded in 2012
FUEL 10K make FUEL for busy people, their carefully crafted breakfast range is made to make your mornings easier, tastier and more nutritious. That way you can get on with your day - whatever it may bring. Whatever your approach to breakfast Fuel 10k have it covered. Great tasting, healthier, convenient food and drink to power you through the day.
B Corp Certified
Highly Nutritious
Sustainably Sourced
Convenient Formats
Great for Workout Fuel Great for Food to Go Great for a Meal Deal

Key reasons to stock FUEL10K...

  • Servicing Shopper Missions: Offering FUEL10K products meets the demand for convenient, nutritious breakfast choices that cater to diverse routines
  • Health Conscious: Embrace a brand dedicated to continuous improvement, resonating with health-conscious consumers seeking both taste and health benefits
  • Sustainable: Stocking FUEL10K aligns with sustainability initiatives, as the brand focuses on reducing environmental impact and sourcing responsibly

FUEL10K, dedicated to fuelling the fast-paced lives of individuals, takes pride in crafting breakfast options that balance taste and nutrition seamlessly. The breakfast range caters to diverse routines—whether savouring a bowl of cereal or grabbing a quick bite on the go. Streamlining mornings, making them easier, more delightful, and healthful, ensuring everyone can embark on their day with vitality and ease Embracing the ethos of continuous self-improvement, FUEL10K echoes the 10,000-hour theory, perpetually seeking enhancement.

FUEL10K's journey entails refining nutrition without compromising flavour, along with efforts to minimise its environmental footprint. With a resolute commitment to sustainability, FUEL10K's story is about more than just breakfast; it's a promise to foster positive change

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